“Five Elements” light sculpture

After months of work, “Five Elements”, my first full light sculpture debuted this weekend at a private event.  This quick video shows a short clip of each ‘element’; the actual five-element cycle is 12 minutes long, repeating each of the five elements five times each hour.  As with any “version 1.0”, I have a dozen ways I’d like to polish and keep improving it, but I’m happy with it as is, too.

It’s illuminated by 150 RGB LEDs and controlled by an Arduino Uno using the FastSPI_LED library and my own custom code.
The installation at the debut event used a very different diffuser which made the LEDs more visible.  While both were good, I think I prefer this diffuser overall.


3 Comments on ““Five Elements” light sculpture”

  1. Stuart says:

    HI, Thanks for the videos. I have been interested in this diy concept for quite some time. I did an 18 kW system at my house and then started a business helping people to do a DIY Solar Kit for themselves. Please check it out and link or comment to it. Thanks

  2. James Yang says:

    Mark, i really love this sculpture you put together. I’m working on a backpack, and one of the themes is “ocean”. I’d love to incorporate the bubbles animation for one of the LED strips running up the side. Would you be able to share the code you used for it?

  3. Dino says:

    hey Mark, your sculpture is incredible! And its perfect music choice. I write you cause i new with arduino, i wanna make your project too. I have the code for fire, it still work. I wanna ask for the complete “five elemtents”.
    thank you.
    yours dino

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