Easter Egg Hunt Rules, 2014.

We love doing Easter egg hunts.  But as the girls get faster, smarter, and more wily, merely finding the eggs is no longer challenge enough.  I’ve gotta slow ’em down somehow, and this is how I do it: each girl gets an empty basket (I use traditional Jack-O-Lantern baskets), and sheet of instructions helping her know which eggs are for her, and which are for her step-sister.  Each year, the instructions require more careful reading and invoke increasingly complicated rules.

New this year: the contents of two of the eggs altered the interpretation of rules, retroactively. This fact itself was part of the published rules… this time.




The best part was watching the girls excitedly pounce as they found the first eggs, and then stall completely as they had to stop and puzzle out exactly who’s egg it actually was that they’d just found.





P.S. Here are the previous year’s Egg Hunt Rules (2013):



5 Comments on “Easter Egg Hunt Rules, 2014.”

  1. Ken says:

    I think making this was more fun for Mark than it was for the children. Maybe you should just hide them 1″ under the dirt or 6′ up a tree. That’d slow them down.

  2. marmil says:

    My parents hid a long series of clues on little strips of paper for me a few times as I got older. Each clue leading to the next clue, and eventually to an Easter present. But these rules are great Mark. I can image it being a lot of fun watching them puzzle it out.

  3. […] faster, and more wily every year, we’ve had to make the hunt more… challenging.  Our previous Easter egg hunt had infuriatingly complex rules as to which girl got which color of egg.  But with the girls in […]

  4. […] game has grown right along side them; it’s now a full-on multi-stage puzzle hunt.   2014’s hunt involved complex interlocking rules.  2016’s hunt involved cryptography and QR codes.  Now, here’s how 2017’s […]

  5. Alejandro says:

    They’ll send your bonus two weeks overdue and sometimes never.

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